Urban Design & Master Planning

Bighorn Meadows

Radium, BC


Focusing on the Springs Golf Course, this resort development is composed of 10 phases of construction. The first 9 phases are condominium buildings. The final phase is a 60-unit luxury resort hotel.


Angus Glen

Markham, Ontario

Angus Glen Village is a 320-acre subdivision adjacent to the Angus Glen Golf Course.  The Master Plan proposes 1,250 dwelling units of various types and sizes, a mixed-use ‘Village Center’ and a network of parks and recreation facilities.  The plan is based on the Village Concept – an approach that proposes pedestrian-scaled communities with opportunities to live, work, shop, and play within the bounds of the community.  Parks in the form of squares, circles, greens and commons have been distributed throughout the Village so that no home is further than two blocks from a park or natural open space.  Public buildings figure prominently at important axes, viewpoints, and intersections.  References to historic Unionville architecture and the best regional traditions were developed into detailed Architectural Codes that impose a basic underlying order, while still encouraging a rich variety of detail.  Housing forms include single detached houses of various sizes, row houses, and apartments in manor houses, above shops and in backyard carriage suites.  Streetscapes with front porches, landscaped front gardens, street trees, and narrow roadways encourage a safe, pedestrian environment.  The Village Centre, with shops, offices, restaurants, markets, and apartments, is the heart of the community.

East Village

Calgary AB

A 115 acre comprehensive redevelopment plan for a new mixed use, high density urban neighbourhood of 8,500 to 9,500 residents and over 300,000 ft2 of ground level commercial retail in Calgary's downtown core.  The scope includes a form based urban code and a comprehensive area redevelopment plan.  With an emphasis on human scale and walkability, the East Village ARP provides a pragmatic plan to create a vibrant and sustainable high density downtown neighborhood that respects and enhances its historical, physical, and social context. The neighbourhood is organized around a multi-use central square which forms the commercial heart of the neighbourhood.  A commercial spine is formed through the community by 4th Street, linking the heritage character of 8th Avenue in the southwest to a riverfront district and plaza to the north.  Smaller public spaces are distributed through the plan including a small square in the southeast anchoring a residential ‘walk-up’ style district.  

Garrison Woods,

Calgary, AB

The architectural codes developed by Jenkins Architecture promote quality development by providing style based architectural guidelines for building form, proportion, materials and colours. Supported by an approval process conducted by Jenkins Architecture, new communities are assured a consistently high level of development. In the community of Garrison Woods, for example, all building design follows the Garrison Woods Architectural Codes. These codes include guidelines for the Craftsman, Tudor, Colonial and Victorian styles. The Garrison Woods Architectural Codes are largely responsible for the success of this community not only in terms of financial return but visual and lifestyle appeal.

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Currie Community

Calgary, AB

Currie Barracks is the third and final site on the redeveloped CFB Calgary lands.  The community is located on 195 acres and, when completed, it will have 5,600 housing units of various types, 613,000 ft2 of office space, 250,000 ft2 of retail space, and 23 acres of parks.  Jenkins Architecture created the Architectural Codes for Phases 1 and 2 of Currie Barracks, reviewed builder submissions, and designed several homes and multi-family projects.



Garrison Green

Calgary, AB

The second phase of the redevelopment of the former C.F.B. Calgary lands, Garrison Green is an 80 acre property developed according to the principles of New Urbanism.  The pedestrian oriented community contains over 1,000 homes of various types, as well as seniors and assisted living housing.  Work completed by Jenkins Architecture included the development of Urban and Architectural Codes, prototypical facade designs, multi-family building design, house relocation draft plans, builder home approvals and builder coordination with the Codes.



Greisbach Community

Edmonton, AB

Griesbach is a 620 acre development in northwest Edmonton.  Located on the site of a former Canadian Forces Base, the property has been developed by the Canada Lands Company and, when completed, will be home to as many as 13,000 people.  Jenkins Architecture developed the Architectural Codes for Griesbach and designed exterior elevations for several multi-family and seniors housing projects.


Marina Bay

Sylvan Lake, Alberta

A 100 unit recreational cottage and marina development on an 11 ha parcel of land fronting onto Sylvan Lake. The man-made marina is connected to the lake by a 33m canal and forms the focus for the development.  All cottages have water frontage, either onto the lake or onto the marina itself.  The various cottage designs have evolved through a synthesis of existing architectural traditions of local cottage and farm buildings of the area together with the introduction of basic classical orders.  The plans are simply and symmetrically arranged with the various building forms such as porches, columns, windows, and rooflines, which have been carefully composed to further enhance this order.


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Angus Glen